Owls are surrounded by mystique. Their stoic stare suggests the kind of wisdom that could only come from living an atypical life. An ode to the enigmatic owls, this release from our Days of Being Wild Series features a similarly atypical flavour combination. We begin with a Solera process sour ale fermented with a mix of wild cultures and cold infuse it with a combination of washed Yirgacheffe Gedeb and natural anaerobic Guji Michicha coffee beans. The result inspires contemplation with its peculiar sensory experience - simultaneously sublime and mysterious. Enveloped with a heady aroma that suggests roasted chestnuts and fresh herbs, its flavour evokes sweet fruits - bananas, peaches and white flowers on the palate. With acidity that is bracing, yet rounded its natural funk is restrained. While it may not make you see in the dark, we promise its inscrutability will induce you to zone out and stare into the distance, at peace with the world.