This addition to Funk Factory Geuzeria's Foeder Saison series is comprised of a base blend of mixed-culture saisons that were fermented in their French Oak foeders. This blend was then re-fermented on 3 pounds per gallon of apricots and then dry-hopped with Rakau.

這個Foeder Saison series 是由一系列在法國橡木桶中發酵的Saison混合組成, 再加入每gallon 3磅的杏子,再次陳釀。最後, 放入啤酒花Rakau 一起浸釀而成。

Aroma of oak barrel, leather and horse blanket funk, and apricot fruit.

Taste is a slam of tart barrel aged saison, with apricot stone fruit emphasis. Sweet and sour at the beginning but overall tart.