相信大家都飲過唔少我哋嘅Hazy IPA,亦都知道Hazy IPA嘅特性係酒體充滿豐富嘅果香味,而當中的果味係來自冷泡啤酒花。
今次新出的Monster Mash – Thiol IPA,同樣都係Hazy IPA,充滿果香,但釀製嘅時候完全無冷泡酒花。
咁果香係嚟自邊到度呢?就係啤酒花喺發酵嘅時候釋放出嘅化合物Thiol。今次我哋就用咗一款可以開採啤酒花裡面 Thiol嘅新酵母 - Cosmic Punch去釀製呢隻酒。釋放出熱帶水果嘅味道比平時嘅多幾倍。最後仲忍唔住喺入罐之前再加咗啲熱情果!

We are super excited about this Hazy IPA brewer with Omega Yeast’s Cosmic Punch. This yeast strain frees up “thiols”, a highly aromatic compound that smells like tropical fruits, during fermentation. We further boosted thiols by mash hopping with Cascade which contains high level of thiol precursors. The result is a very fruity IPA WITH NO DRY HOPS! We got so excited pushing boundaries here that we decided to give it an extra kick with more passionfruit in the brite tank. Go get your hands one one of these and let us know what you think!