V I N T A G E                  
2018 was another very solid vintage. A very late Spring delayed flowering until
late November / early December. A very even fruit set and ample water, the
vines flourished. Big strong canopies meant the vines were able to ripen the
grapes later in the season. Warm and dry for all of February and March, the
resulting wines are full of flavour, complex and balanced.

W I N E M A K I N G        
FERMENTATION METHOD  Small & large open, 100% destemmed, whole berry
ferments. 5 day cold soak, then inoculated with a wet cultured yeast. Gently
hand plunged or pumped over once a day, increasing to twice daily during peak
of ferment, with one rack and return post peak. Gently pressed with final 50-
100L/t separated off to avoid hard tannin.